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Dr. James Garrett

Chiropractic Care in Fremont for Jaw Pain

We Help Jaw Pain

If you are a sufferer of jaw pain, you know it feels like someone has punched you really hard.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, more commonly known as TMD, is inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which connects your mandible to your skull. TMD is discomfort or pain in your jaw and often leads to earaches, headaches, neck, and shoulder soreness.


Sufferers experience difficulty chewing, yawning, and even talking. This condition is common, affecting 20-30% of adults and can be caused by several factors including teeth grinding, excessive nail biting, trauma, and degenerative joint disease.

When working properly, the temporomandibular joint acts as a shock absorber for your jaw. But when you grind your teeth or chew excessively, the surrounding muscles become sore and the cartilage in your joint wears down and can become misaligned.

Our chiropractic care not only alleviates your short-term pain, but it can also prevent your TMD from returning in the future.

In addition to helping alleviate your TMD pain, we also work with several dentists in the area, just in case you need additional care.

Do not let jaw pain or TMD interfere with your daily routine and enjoyment of life. Call our Fremont chiropractor today!

Patient Testimonial


"I did some research on chiropractor's and decided to go see Dr. Val Svetich. I'm so glad I did because she has a very warm, welcoming, and kind spirit. She was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. She explains everything in great detail so I could understand. I asked a lot of questions and she never made me feel rushed but instead gave me much comfort and hope that my pain can be fixed over time. I was so happy to hear that since I've had TMJ issues for years and problems with headaches, neck and shoulder pain. If you have issues with TMJ I would make an appt. asap so you will start to feel relief. So far I've seen her twice and feel much relief and know that in time I will be pain free. I can't wait for a pain free day. I promise you will be happy with her. Hurry up and make your appt  she's amazing!!!

I want to give an update on my progress with Dr. Val Svetich. I've been seeing her now for quite some time and for as long as I'm able I will continue to see her. She has helped relieve me from many many years of agonizing pain. When I began seeing her I was in so much pain with severe headaches that would wake me up out of my sleep, I had neck & shoulder pain, my TMJ was at its worst and I had lost hope that I would always live with this excruciating pain and also living with jaw pain since I was about 21 years old, I'm now in my mid 40's and through out the years of seeing many different Drs who recommended surgery for TMJ or medication to put a bandage over my pain, not work on the pain of healing it. My boyfriend watched me suffer for years and he decided & started doing research to help me and found that a chiropractor Dr. is what I needed and I was blessed that he found Dr. Svetich. She fixed my jaw in just a short amount of time. My headaches are gone because of her. I've learned that it takes time to heal and with every visit to her chiropractic office my life gets better and better.  I absolutely would recommend her to everyone because she has made my life of living absolutely amazing. For years I'd tell my primary Dr. my issues & had no success of getting better. I went from Dr  to Dr & even seen specialists who didn't or couldn't help me. I'm so grateful for my boyfriend who cared enough to find my angel of healing Dr. Val Svetich. She has put a smile back on my face and a pep in my step  I will forever be grateful to her. Words can not express my gratitude for what she has done for me and has given me by healing my body. Had I known how years ago that Chiropractor's are amazing Drs it would have saved me years of pain, frustration and $$$. If you have dealt with any body pain I suggest and absolutely recommend Dr. Val Svetich!!! She is not just an amazing Dr. she is an amazing soul!!!!" - Felice Y.